What is the point of buying a pig in a poke?

Let us imagine for a moment that an incredible thing has happened: after entering a store you find out that all the goods displayed there neither possess labels on them, nor have packages. Not a single distinctive feature! You would be surprised to see it, would not you?

One can hardly imagine material objects in the modern world existing without packages or labels of various kinds. The stores are full of goods, and their assortment is constantly expanding. What is the way to distinguish one product from others, and to compete for consumers` attention successfully? Only the product that is able to convince the customer to purchase it will come out the winner in this continuous struggle for buyers` preference and choice.

Why Is Product Packaging Important?

There are no goods without distinctive symbols nowadays. The product can be recognizable by consumers only when it represents a single whole with its package. Packaging plays an important role in identifying a product. It highlights its most significant, particular features, distinguishes it from the range of similar merchandise around, and draws prospective buyers` attention to it. It is packaging that helps customers to make a choice, by formulating a highly convincing argument in favor of the product. Packaging will keep on selling the goods forever and ever. Night and day…

Packaging nowadays is a promotional ground of the product and brand. It is the only advertising vehicle that hits the target without fail. Packaging will never generate negative emotions of any kind. It gives consumers more information about the product than all the other advertising materials do together. If compared to those of other promotional materials, the efficacy and emotional impact of visual effects that the packaging produces on consumers are really huge. A high-quality packaging design is extremely powerful; as while drawing consumers` attention, it is performs its job at the level of human reflexes. Packaging comes to play at the crucial moment when a purchase decision is being made by a customer. But this influence on the buyer’s mind and behavior is so subtle that the consumer is absolutely sure that the idea was based wholly on his own judgment, and not suggested by someone else.

The Functions of Packaging

Only the packaging that affects consumers’ behavior in an indirect way, meets the requirements. To perform its task well, packaging must achieve the following results:

What results packaging must achieve for a company

Consumers can`t help but notice packaging like this. It will certainly draw their attention.

Branding Agency "Higher" and Packaging Design

The agency “Higher” offers a whole range of services of a packaging and labeling design: from 3-dimensional models and prototypes to a graphic design of external and internal elements. Our approach is thoughtful and professional. We suggest only the things that are indispensable for hitting the target, and that really work. We create a product image that is perceived by the target audience in the right way, and that generates the adequate associations. This image that is always fresh, stylish, and natural. The image in which there is nothing missing, and there is nothing which is superfluous. From now on, it`s your product that the consumer will ever choose whenever he is making a choice

How We Can Help You?

Every packaging design created by our team, is unique. It is elaborated in every detail. All the nuances are taken into consideration, as well as the specifics of the product, including consumers` convenience at various stages of the product use. An individual approach to every project will help implementing your boldest ideas about the product packaging structure and design and will ensure creating of fascinating design solutions.

Relying on a deep insight of specific features of visual communications perception our specialists single out focus points on the package: the most important design elements generating interest and memorability. Designers use this means to communicate a message to the consumer, establish trust factors, emphasize functional benefits, and emotional advantages. That will formulate precise visual stimuli that will trigger a motivation, and will make the path from the counter to the consumer shorter for your product.

Why We Design Packaging That Hits The Target?

Our knowledge, inspiration, experience and skills make packaging design an effective instrument to help your product to compete successfully what will boost your sales, and  increase your profit. All these advantages make investing in packaging and labeling design worth time and money. These expenses are really paying. Money invested in product packaging design will pay for itself many times over: thanks to an inevitable boost in sales and profit it will surely lead to. Packaging is a significant factor of return of all the expenses spent on product creation.

Our packaging design samples shown in our portfolio are the best illustration to everything we have told you here.

We not only create packaging and labeling design from scratch, but also redesign by renovating and developing what you actually have. The product packaging that matches product labeling, their harmonious and mutually complementary coupling will enhance a consumers` positive attitude towards your merchandise, and will play a crucial role in the purchase decision making process.

PS. Express yourselves and make your goods recognizable and preferred by consumers. A product with original, informative, and practical packaging stands out from other goods on the counter. We are always happy to work for you! Contact us to kick off the discussion.