The First Words of your Success

Words... Long and short. Conspicuous and unnoticeable. These intimate subjective essential parts of human personality… Words are endowed with power over the inner world of a human being. It is they that apply to consumers’ archetypes and stereotypes, aspirations and emotions. It is they that are invisibly and firmly imprinted in the minds of target audience. Being turned into names and communications, words can form a solid basis for making a dream come true, and serve as a constant reminder of the goal.

There is no point in trying to explain once again what naming stands for, or what slogan is. Everything that is connected with any matter concerning creation of these elements of verbal brand identity, has already been reproduced thousands of times, in various languages, having been interpreted in various ways.

Let us suppose that you are reviewing some instructional material about naming, having in mind the task of finally finding a name to your liking.

Well, let’s try and do it together.

How to find a name for a company

No doubt, after devoting your attention to these time consuming procedures, in the long run you will achieve some result anyway. But don`t forget, of course, that while you are busy doing this highly fascinating work, your competitors, will get the better of you, and jump at the opportunity to take to their advantage of your target audience. In the meanwhile, your business rivals will derive their OWN profit, and will make their position in the market more stable. But even this damage to your business is nothing compared to your future financial losses, in case your choice of the name is wrong.

Why The Branding Agency “Higher”? 

Why is it your best choice? Is it because our offer is highly exclusive? Or is it because our service has no parallel in the market?

Not really, in fact. Not because of that. It is common knowledge that the naming business is an old-established industry which uses the results of vast scientific research in the social sciences and in other associated branches. It is the business that involves creative work of genuine professionals. Such professionals work in the branding agency “Higher”. Possessing a thorough understanding of systematic principles and approaches, together with the knowledge of modern technologies, our team thinks out of the box, successfully works with various constraints, and provides effective solutions for your business. No task is too challenging for our inventive minds. Our experts create names and slogans, no matter how complex this task might be.

We transform a verbal identity into a basis for a powerful communication strategy of the brand, creating it from scratch: from the phonemic analysis of the sounds (the sound image) of the verbal identifiers, up to revealing the image-bearing symbolism and emotional coloring.

How We Can Help You

We shall help you to find a key that will open the doors to a new world for you. This is the world that gives a chance of making your dreams come true. And the key is the name that from now on will be associated with your brand. Placed on your communication means, this name will be attracting consumers` attention. And besides, without any doubt, it will become another gem in the splendid collection of works in our company portfolio.

Why company name is important?

Have you noticed, what thing are all these advantages aimed at?

At your request, the name created for you by our agency, will be complemented by the slogans that will sound great, will be easily memorized, shaping the images and bringing the associations that will ensure your future success, market expansion and boosting of your business.

P.S. We are sure that only several unique syllables separate your business from success. These are the syllables that form the name of your brand. Would you like to achieve this result? Contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly.