Consulting and Audit Services

Design audit of a brand's image and consultation regarding its usage

A brand's recognition is determined by its unique image and identity system. However, for effective communication with the target consumers different marketing channels need to be utilized. Each of them needs to convey the visual design characteristic of the brand.

Is the visual language and the brand still recognizable in the established communication? How effective is product packaging and how can it increase sales? These are only few of the questions our experts can help you figure out in order to find a solution.

Marketing solutions consulting and audit

On a subtle level, markets are changing day by day. Marketeers may ignore these changes and rely on yesterday's successful strategies expecting they will work tomorrow just as well. Yet, what follows is usually a disappointment. Without the necessary attention, a brand and its strategy becomes irrelevant to the market and its consumers switch to the competitors' products. This is the sad but true image of the objective market reality. There is only one way how to maintain a brand's position and be up-to-date and relevant – to undergo constant a adaptation cycle to meet the changing realties.

Well-developed and modern marketing solutions are essential to a successful company growth and the brand's vitality. Higher Branding Agency provides various services in the area such as audits of business models, customer loyalty, performance of marketing channels and consultations on marketing on social networks, search engines and email marketing. Increasing your business performance is our first and foremost goal.

Design audit of websites and applications

If you manage to link your Internet presence with your business goals, the usage of your website by visitors and customers becomes key. It leads to the need of constant improvement of organization and active perception of your online resources through balancing between design and usability issues. We offer you our experience and ability to solve such tasks and turn your website into elegant and useful source of profit.

Design audit and usability audit are two different services which can be combined into one complex audit solution at your request. We believe that for new resources usability audit is required in the prototype development stage as well as in the final stage and launch. Such approach helps to avoid usability errors due to different multiple stages of project development.